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Tile Reform
Tile Reform
Tile Reform
Tile Reform
Tile Reform

Tile Reform

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 When your grout is dirty the whole house looks dirty

This Tile Floor Sealant is water based and covers over stained areas that are caused by everyday mold and dirt build up on the grout between tiles. Not only does this product restore the grout’s look it also helps prevent further molding with its anti-bacterial formulation.  It is non-toxic so that safe to use in enclosed areas.  For use on all types of wall & floor grout.


  • A ready use grouting fill in product, most easy grout product ever on the market
  • White color grout to fix and cover all those old and dirty grouting 
  • Suitable for all kind of floor tiles
  • Provides anti-fungus features to prevent fungus, grow on flooring
  • Anti-bacterial agents help prevent mold from re-appearing
  • Ideal for Larger Grout Lines on floors & walls
  • Easy to use: simply long draw along the surface~ and you are done!

    Package includes: 1 X Tile Floor Sealant (280ml)

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