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PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper
PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper
PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper
PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper
PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper

PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper

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Glamming yourself up for a party or adding a decorative touch ready for your holidays, the options are endless with PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper. Perfect for commitment-phobes who can’t make their mind up.
Whether you like nautical designs, tribal markings or complex painterly coloring, simply print out the design with the transfer paper and apply it on skin. No need to go through the pain of needle for a new tattoo.
Our authentic tattoo transfer paper is the real deal that can be removed at any time or last up to a week, no fading away of tattoo even taking shower everyday.


  • CREATIVE & PAINLESS: Create your own tattoo without going through the needle pain. Simply print out the design with our transfer paper and apply on skin.
    Use it with Canon, HP, Brothers and other inkjet printers and it is guaranteed to deliver incredible results.
  • HYPOALLERGIC: Our adhesive and printing are safe to use on human skin.
    Creates high-quality tattoo without cracks. Can last up to a week, no fading of pattern even taking shower daily.

Instructions for Use

  1. Print the image on the printing paper from an inkjet printer and let dry
  2. Place the glossy adhesive paper on top of the printing paper. For stronger adhesion, you can also laminate the 2 papers together
  3. Apply the tattoo paper on skin facing downwards. Use wet cloth to make the tattoo paper soaking wet.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes and peel off the paper.
  5. To remove the tattoo, simply rub it with warm water or washcloth.


During application, as the image should be facing towards your skin, please print mirror image for the image to come out right after the transfer.

Package Includes

PrintOnMe Tattoo Transfer Paper Set (A4 Size)

  • Printing Paper x1
  • Adhesive Paper x1